Nestled in the community of North Fullerton, The Well is a true neighborhood coffee shop. We exist to be a place where our neighbors and guests can gather over a good cup of coffee. Like water being drawn from the well, we hope you leave refreshed and refilled for your journey.

Sorry, we're still closed.

But until we can see your faces, we want to make sure you stay caffeinated! Visit and support one of our friends' shops in the meantime, and be sure to tell them The Well sent you!

The Menu


Batch-Brewed Coffee $2.75 / $3
12 oz. / 16 oz.

Diner Style Coffee $2
16 oz. of classic roasted coffee. free refills

Espresso $2.5
2 oz. of espresso

Cortado $3
Espresso with 2 oz. of steamed milk

Cappuccino $3.5
Espresso with 4 oz. of steamed milk

Latte $4
Espresso with 10 oz. of steamed milk (available iced)

Americano $3
Espresso diluted with filtered water (available iced)

Softdrinks $1.75

Mocha $4.5
Espresso with chocolate sauce and 10 oz. of steamed milk (available iced)

White Chocolate Rosemary $4.75
Espresso with white chocolate sauce, house-made rosemary simple syrup,
and 10 oz. of steamed milk (available iced)

Hot Chocolate $3.5
Chocolate sauce with steamed milk

Cold Brew $2.75 / $3
12 oz. / 16 oz.

Espresso Shake $5
Espresso blended with Straus Family Creamery ice-cream base, simple syrup, and ice
(16 oz.)

Extra shot of espresso: $1
Syrup: $0.5


12 oz.: $2.75
16 oz.: $3.25

Fez (Moroccan Mint)
Jasmin Silver Tips

Brahmin (English Breakfast)
Lord Bergamont (Earl Grey)


Hibiscus Sparkling Iced Tea $4
Hibiscus iced tea with house-made caracara orange syrup and sparkling water

Tea Latte:
Chai $4 · Matcha $4.5


Hazelnut Mocha $4.5
Espresso with mocha sauce, hazelnut syrup, and 10 oz. of steamed milk (available iced)

Apple Spice Latte $4.5
Espresso with house-made apple cinnamon simple syrup, and 10 oz. of steamed milk (available iced)

Fall Flight $5.5
A drink trio including an ice cream cold foam cappucino, shot of espresso, and 8 oz. of coffee (hot or iced)

Apple Spice Steamer $3.5
House-made apple cinnamon simple syrup, and steamed milk

Quick Bites

Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich $4

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich $4

Pesto Provolone Breakfast Sandwich $4

Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich $4

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burrito $4.5